About Us

My name is Esi... I’m a Ghanaian born Biochemistry graduate, madly in love with colors, fabric and fashion (and anything red!).

I’ve learnt from my journey to becoming a fashion designer, that we cannot always live other peoples dreams. Its our sweet life to live, and we need to live it.

The Akataasia brand stands for living and not just existing, hence our motto:

“live your sweet life……take your sweet time”

At Akataasia, we believe that we can live the best possible life, if we take a moment to stop and appreciate the priceless gifts that surround each and every one of us. Every outfit tells a beautiful story through our choice of color, detail, fabric choice and style, to deliver a simple message of how beautiful this life is.

Stop and smell the roses…. Dance in the rain…. Cuddle a loved one, hug them tight…. Cry, laugh, sing, dance…… Live your sweet life…. take your sweet time


Akataasia Clothing
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Live your sweet life, take your sweet time.
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#6 Kigali Avenue,

East Legon, GH-GA286-3444


The Republic of Ghana.